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Use our intuitive visual interface to instantly map detailed trading networks between countries. See partnerships, analyze trends, and find real opportunities for growing your trade business.

Key Features

PIERS, The Standard in Trade Intelligence, with the most comprehensive database of U.S. waterborne trade data in the world, has joined with Nautilytics, which specializes in visualizing big data to deliver an industry-first, web-based tool that provides foreign trade zone ("FTZ") Officials with actionable intelligence to identify, attract and retain prospective companies by highlighting their potential savings from performing myriad activities within these designated areas.

Economic Benefits

US Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) consistently face the conundrum of knowing that multiple economic benefits accrue to their local region but are challenged by not knowing which companies maximize those benefits

An FTZ’s inability to fully realize economic benefits of providing companies a cost effective environment for import/export transactions is due to lack of time, resources and expertise to properly identify:


All companies that fall within a given foreign trade zone


Which companies are eligible to receive estimated ftz savings


How much eligible companies can expect to save


Total potential estimated ftz savings aggregated by commodity

FTZ Officials need tools to maximize their economic development zones.

FTZ Officialtm - the Solution

  • Nautilytics: Industry-leading big data analytics and custom visualization software firm

  • PIERS: Only comprehensive database of U.S. Waterborne Import / Export trade data

Innovative prospecting and lead generation tools enabling FTZs to easily maximize their ecomonic potential by delivering key data to attract and retain prospective companies.

Upon launching a web-based application, users have immediate access to the following:


Comprehensive list of all companies within the selected foreign trade zone service area


Which companies are eligible to receive estimated ftz savings


Quantified amounts that eligible companies can expect to save based upon duty and weekly advantages


Total potential estimated ftz savings aggregated by commodity

FTZ Officialtm provides the necessary tools to maximize economic development zones.

Introducing FTZ Officialtm and FTZ Officialtm Plus

FTZ Official is visualization software that is purpose-built as a lead generation tool for FTZ Officials/Grantees to leverage in order to identify all the companies in their service area and use the automatically calculated FTZ Savings to successfully convert Leads into Zone Users.


Product Comparison

 FTZ OfficialtmFTZ Officialtm Plus
 Weekly Entry AdvantagesDuty + Weekly Entry Advantages
Merchandise Processing Fee SavingsYesYes
Customs Broker Fee SavingsYesYes
Duty Deferral SavingsNoYes
Duty Elimination on Re-ExportsNoYes

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