Case Study: Running Route Tile Server

Collating millions of geospatial datapoints to provide inspirational density maps of popular running routes around the world.

Illuminating Popular Routes

Nautilytics was recently approached by WalkJogRun, one of the leaders in iOS GPS running applications, to create a visualization of the most popular public running routes in their global network. For initial inspiration on this project we revisited our 2013 running route density collaboration with WalkJogRun, which had the amazing effect of providing an accurate outline of the US and Europe with only the starting GPS point of each route.

Interactive Analysis

This visualization was great as a starting point, but we wanted to make it more useful and interactive for the entire WalkJogRun community. While we were brainstorming possible approaches to this project, we ran across a great post by Nathan Yau over at Flowing Data showing static images of running routes. Given the three plus years (125,000+ GPS tracked routes and counting) of public running routes, we knew for the visualization to give back to the running community it had to be dynamic and available to runners worldwide. The result of this project gives users of the application a better understanding of where people run and the most popular routes in a new city. In theory, if many runners are running the same route then it may be safer, more scenic, and less polluted.

Live demo!

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